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We must STOP THE HATE before it's too late

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Updated Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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The murdered students from Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado

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James Byrd, Jr. byrd_1997ap.jpg (3498 bytes) Murdered by racists in Jasper, Texas

LaTanya Haggerty and Bobbie Russ were both, unarmed, but still shot and  killed by Chicago police the same weekend in separate incidents on 6/5/99.

LaTanya Haggerty haggerty.jpg (6035 bytes)  killed by police who mistook her cell phone for a gun, Chicago, Illinois

Bobbie Russ russ.jpg (7098 bytes) Northwestern Senior shot and killed by police during traffic stop in Chicago, Illinois

Amadou Diallo AmadouDiallo.jpg (4248 bytes) was shot at forty-one (41) times by NYC police officers. Nineteen (19) bullets struck this unarmed black man standing in the doorway of his apartment building on February 4, 1999. The courts later determined that the shooting was both justified, and within police department guidelines. 

Jonny Gammage JonnyGammage.gif (15299 bytes) was suffocated by police during a "minor traffic stop". This 31 year old black man was murdered on October 12, 1995. Jonny Gammage Link

At nineteen years of age Tyisha Miller TyishaMiller.jpg (14376 bytes) posed such a threat that Riverside, California police officers shot her twelve times before they felt safe. The police claim she had marijuana in her system. She was parked in her car, sleep, on December 28, 1998; the last day of her life. Eventually the police officers were fired, but not tried for their deed.

  How many must die before WE take a stand against this madness?

Learn more about the pattern of unarmed black people dying by police bullets through these links:

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All Points Bulletin

Police Brutality, and other related racially based crimes, will persist until YOU get involved. Many times the question is raised, "When will it end?" Well, it ends with YOU. YOU are the ONE that is missing. With YOU we can win.

Miami 1980. In December of 1979, white policemen arrested Arthur McDuffie, a 33-year-old black insurance executive, for traffic violations after an alleged high-speed chase. They beat him horribly. At their murder trial in May, the medical examiner testified it was the worst brain damage he had ever seen, in 3,600 autopsies. After a 94-day trial, the white jury took less than three hours to find the five defendants Not Guilty. The news triggered a riot. Commission report: "For almost 2 years before the Miami disturbances, a series of incidents involving the black community and law enforcement officials increased racial tension which culminated in the 1980 riots. The incidents reinforced the black community's belief that a dual system of justice prevailed in Dade County -- a system in which blacks receive unequal treatment before the law."

Miami 1989. Police chased 23-year-old black motorcyclist Clement Lloyd for speeding and driving recklessly. Getting word of the chase, Hispanic officer William Lozano stepped to the street and shot Lloyd in the head as he rode by. Lloyd's passenger, Allan Blanchard, died from the crash. Lozano said he shot to defend himself. Rumors spread that he shot Lloyd in cold blood. The New York Times: "Many blacks said the violence had been fueled by longstanding anger at perceived police brutality and resentment of Hispanic immigrants."

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